Friday, July 16, 2010

Master's Degree...Should I go for it this time?

Today I had an IELTS exam (speaking test) to prepare for a masters' degree that I've been thinking of doing for a log time now...It's really  frightening to pick the right university and stick with it. I dropped out from two universities from the 1st or second classes only (thank God I didnt pay!) and it's not because I was lazy...I've come to realize it's because I was downright terrified and didn't think I was smart enough to go for a masters or it was intimidating for me.
Now I'm going to try it again ,I hope third time's a charm as they say. I was slightly encouraged when the lady who was giving me the test said that my english was intellectually brilliant and that I had a mastering control of it (wish it was the same with my life, but then again nobody has that control but God). She was disappointed that I was thinking of going to Wollongong and said that I'm comprimising my intellect and need to go for a university that will enrich me intellectually on a higher level...and that made me frustratingly confused again as to where should I enroll??
Well tomorrow is the reading and writing part (7:30 in the morning ugh!) inshAllah so hopefully it will go as smoothly as today.

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