Monday, July 5, 2010

Wedding in Bahrain

Just got back yesterday from my trip to Bahrain and let me tell you (just for spending two days there) it was a lovely trip! The people there are so kind, there's nothing superficial about them!

I went there with my mom and sisters for the weekend to attend a Bahraini wedding and I loved it. The wedding was so simple (nothing like the majority of our over the top UAE weddings) and one cannot help but be engulfed by the joy and pure happiness in it (an element that's wilting slowly in many of our weddings sadly). Even though we were guests and knew no one but the mother's groom everyone was so welcoming and warm!

Through this joyful celebration I sat down with a smile but felt a bit of sorrow and thought to myself, (and I know a majority of people in our society would gasp at the audacity of what i'm about to say) if I ever get married I don't want an over the top wedding. I don't want ridiculous amount of money spent on a few hours event for the sake of impressing a majority that doesn't know me and/or cares nothing for me. I want a simple elegant cozy wedding at home or a small hall!
I don't know *shrugs* but that's what I'd like to have oneday inshAllah : )

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