Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Name is 7IND !: Kim Kardashian in Dubai

My Name is 7IND !: Kim Kardashian in Dubai: I am very disappointed and upset by the reaction of so many people to the arrival of Kim Kardashian in Dubai. People are heralding her as ...

Why in God's name are many raving about Kim Kardashian, personally i find it shameful that a surgically enhanced celebrity who had a s*x tape being leaked doing some nasty things be treated like a famous director, actor or designer who actually acheived something! This country needs to stop catering such people and greet more refined artists who are not a waste of media and space. Beauty? trust me, we have Emarati and Arab women who are jaw dropping stunning mashAllah compared to her. thank you.


  1. Agreed. The UAE authorities shouldn't have allowed her entry to the country.

  2. The Question is: Would She Have Said That If Kim Wore A DAS Collection Abaya??

  3. Admin: Many thanks for agreeing.

    Anonymous: Thank you for leaving a comment, however, your comment is a bit irrelevant to the post and its objective. I merely reblogged it to strengthen my initial opinion that kim is not a role model to be idolised and is merely a pointless product that the media created and should not be welcomed as a respected acheiver to the country :)