Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Switched off

Today I couldn't go to work nor to school. I just switched off mentally. Couldn't get out of bed today and didn't want to do anything. Physically and mentally tired. Decided to stay home catch up on my reading, update my blog and get on the cross trainer for an hour and a half.
I seriously needed it. I think it's because I stayed all night (last night) working and studying till 4:00am.
Hmmmm, I'm starting to wonder whether my boss hit the nail on the head when he said that I'm obsessed with work. He might be right, can't help it though. I enjoy it because I feel it's helping me develop everyday and it's something that i'm in control of , it also gives me that 'feel good' factor that I rarely feel.
Anyways I think i'll go wash my hair and resume with my reading...I miss my books and my tea mug. I haven't done that in almost a year...and i'm a book worm!!


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