Friday, October 7, 2011

New Blog

I'm considering starting a new blog that I can jot down my thoughts and leave this one for image inspirations (focusing on words of wisdom and inspiring images)...I think I'll give it a show next week inshAllah. Still trying to figure out what to name it though. At first I was thinking Unconventional Mind, but then I felt the name portrayed this Emarati who is so different (which is not always a grand thing for me to be honest), it just didn't click for me.
I want it to portray someone learning to have a positive perspective towards life and people even if I will occasionally rant about an issue. I also want to post about some interesting intellectual articles from my studies (not the very academic ones though), raise awareness on some issues and promote interesting people and brands around the UAE (very rarely though I don't want to lean toward the commercial side for this blog, old or new). InshAllah khair. If you have a recommendation for a name let me know. Thank you : )


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