Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back from Italy!

It was truly an amazing 1 week for me! Elhumdellah I am so grateful and blessed to have parents who love traveling. I loved sitting in the coffee shops and visiting the cathedrals in Milan and Florence...Don't get me started on the men lol! They're certainly charming. Not the 'in your face' flirting type mind you, but the type that looks at you and smiles I think is sweet.
Anyways aside from all that I was busy getting ideas for my new small business. Picking ideas for lovely wedding and party favors, gift wraps and ribbons. I also came up with a name for my store: Swinging Chandeliers. A few didnt get at first but Many loved and it will be more clear with a logo and a catch phrase inshAllah.
I'll leave you with some of these photos that I took and found. Enjoy.

The trail of candles in the Cathedral in Milan was beautiful I couldn't help but stare.

A rainy day in Milan.

Arriving to Florence via Train

Streets of Milan in the morning

This was at a Cafe at the Duomo in Milan where I ordered a Pizza Margharita and the waiter surprised me with a heart shaped pizza...Made my day!!

Two Flats that I had to have (and did) from Milan. 1st is a Miu Miu (what can I say..I'm a girl loves pink and sparkles) and the 2nd is a limited edition Tods.

I didn't take this photo but I found a box of the entire collection and bought it. =)

Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather used to be my favorite. But after smelling Rose Noir I fell in love with it! It has such a sexy and sultry fragerence to it.

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