Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The value of a mother

I sometimes find it sad that we don't always see the true value of our mothers. Rebeling and being stubborn headed just to prove our point, get annoyed when we recieve lectures and some instructions and worst of all not spending enough quality time with them because we are 'busy in our lives'. And despite we sometimes do these things (and some sadly do worse), our mothers passionatly strive to show us in so many ways how much they love us no matter how hurt they feel inside.
I have always loved my mom and will always love her but I realize now that I haven't been giving her my 100% love and affection (even though she deserves more than that percentagei think!). I'm not one who shows alot of affection. I write it better.
Which is why my new year resolution is to show more love my mother and spend more time with her.

I found this stunning arabic poem by the late Palestenian poet Mr. Eskandar Khoory which I felt that it expresses the value of a mother beautifully, and I dedicate it to all the hard working mothers who love their children with their heart and soul.

ما احيلى لفظ امي‏

لفظة تفرج همي‏

هي ربتني طفلا‏

دمها كون دمي‏

وصغيرا علمتني‏

علمها اسس علمي‏

واذا هم عراني‏

اقبلت تحمل همي‏

نجمة تلمع لي في‏

ليل همي المد لهم‏

انا لو اعبد امي‏

لا افي ديني لأمي‏

Let me know if you'd like the translation of it.

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