Thursday, December 17, 2009

Swimming in my thoughts

It might not have felt like a long week, but I'm mentally exhausted! Trying to get along with everyone (which, surprisingly, is not putting an emotional strain on me cause it's sincere), digging into my brain to come up with creative projects, especially humanatarian. I love those projects cause they make me feel like I'm doing something meaningful in my life. I am absolutly amazed at how some people ignore these projects and run after the so called 'glamorous' projects (that they don't even sincerely work on) just to stand next to famous VIPs who won't even remember their names! Sad.
Right. I don't think I can write much more today, I am so burned out and all I want to do is reward myself with an ice cream berry cheesecake (Thank God for Cold Stone Creamery!), and watch a bit of National Geographic (and Style channel!) while reflecting on all the positive things I have done this week, be it work or family related or just smiling alot. Some think it's stupid but my mom wrote to me once in Arabic 'Always smile, not because there are things in life that make you smile, but because your smile is the reason for your happiness and the happiness of others...I hope I translated it right.

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