Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So Drained.....Need to sleep *thud*

Now I know what's it like to have your energy drained. Had a meeting in one of the goverment-owned Hospital to work on bringing emarati volunteers (they are the only ones who stepped forward to do it for free...The late Sheikh Zayed would be proud) who are specialized in Interior Design, Graphic Design and Marketing to redesign the Nursery.
When I went to see the Hospital's nursery it looked so bad that I was stunned! It was so small. The whole place had a funny smell. It looked so dull and depressing. I even saw a friggin little spider in there!!!
The employees there explained to me that they kept fighting for a budget and rebuilding the nursery cause it's so old and not child friendly. Sadly all they got was AED 12K to redesign the whole thing...seriously it was a joke. But it made me more determined to put this as a priority on the projects that I need to work on.
It's frustrating sometimes. Money is usually spent on stadiums, events, hotels and reataurants. Even more so on advertising and promoting them. Why not dedicate some of these recources to give our children the best we can offer?

I may seem like I've got my work cut out for me. But I'm optimistic elhumdellah and I look forward to take on this challenge. =)

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