Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our resolutions and a Ferris Wheel

Yesterday me and my closest of freinds decided to go to the Global Village for our monthly gathering since it was a weekday and less crowded.
I haven't been there for 5 years but my best freind strongly recommended that we go there to get of the Ferris Wheel, but before we did we were supposed to write our new year resolutions on a small peice of paper and once we are on the very top of the ferris wheel we rip it to shreds real fast and scatter it away.

At first i was amused but I thought it was an interesting and unusual move so I thought, why not! I felt that there was something poetic about it, plus it's certainly something I will never forget with my dearest freinds who were with me since 7th grade!

Anyways before the clock strikes midnight tonight, I will toast a glass of aaah.. Vimto, and bid adieu to 2009, and welcome 2010 with a positive and happier heart. I wish you all a wonderful 2010 full of joy, happiness and money....because frankly i'm sure we could all use little more of that during these times. ; )

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