Monday, December 7, 2009

Blood Donation

It only takes about an hour out of your busy schedule and It had a major 'feel good' effect.
You know, I wish we focused less on tourism, real estate and more on Health (and Education). Today I recieved an email from the Dubai thalassemia Centre that they were low on Blood Group O and A and I found it sad that this 'Blood Bank' ran low on many blood groups quite often. Not to mention the interior of that building (Blood Bank) is getting old and honestly is not 'Donor Friendly'. Don't get me wrong, the people who work there are amazing and what they are doing is truly admirable but it infuriates me that the health industry is the least cared for when it's supposed to be one of the most crucial pillars of the infrastructure of a country.
Hopefully with the international financial crisis, Health and Education will get more attention InshAllah. But until things change, I think I'll go to the Doctors and the seniors of 'Blood Bank' to discuss improving the admin service and figure out how to make more room for the eager donors. I'm so glad I work in the Health Industry...I get to rant and then do something about it =)

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